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ePayMe for Contractors

Sit back relax and enjoy life knowing that your financial affairs are in capable hands.


ePayMe for Agencies

Fast registrations, fast payments and unrivalled customer service, makes us a market leader.


ePayMe for Limited Co.

Feel the freedom and flexibility of being in control of your work-life balance.



“Regulated and audited HMRC compliant payroll provider to support your workforce” At ePayMe, we understand the importance of getting it right. As a contractor with ePayMe, we will assist you through every aspect of using our services so you can focus on going to work and spending your valuable social life with friends and family, not having to spend your evenings and weekends carrying out administration, bookkeeping, filing and ensuring your pay is calculated, HM Revenue & Customs deductions, such as Tax and National Insurance Contributions are submitted correctly and on time, let alone being sure your insurances haven't elapsed!


eCo is our PAYE equivalent service that caters for a wide variety of pay rates. It can accommodate a single hour of work in a pay period with no fixed charges, that can commonly impact the workers pay. Providing flexibility of an outsourced provider with the same benefits and simplicity of a traditional PAYE regime. By far our most popular product of choice for agencies and contract workers.


Umbrella companies provide payroll on behalf of an agency to their contract workers. A traditional umbrella provider invoices the agency for the contractors agency rate and then processes all HM Revenue & Customs deductions applicable on the contractors behalf and issues their Net Pay. Qualifying contractors working via an umbrella service could also utilise a Fixed Expense Pot.

Ltd Co.

The changes for improved taxation of your salary and benefit entitlement, alongside the freedom to be flexible in your assignments are encouraging more and more freelance workers to adopt our Limited Company solution. We will ensure you genuinely qualify for this service to benefit from owning your own Limited Company. It's not for everyone, so call us to discuss your best options.


Hybrid combines the benefits of umbrella, whilst guaranteeing a PAYE Net Pay. Our systems calculate the workers Net Pay under PAYE and applies an 'agency uplift' to ensure an exact Net Pay is received. The agencies product of choice for outsourcing their in-house PAYE temporary workers.


Using a payroll bureau service may help ease the burden of payroll processing for business owners/directors by enabling them to spend more time on the more important aspects of running their business. Our staff are knowledgeable with the current legislation's, meaning everything is taken care of.


The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) covers contractors & subcontractors as Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies who are working within the construction sector. We organise and process pay for these workers and ensure all documentation is verified directly with HM Revenue & Customs.


Win tickets to the Joshua vs Pulev fight with ePayMe

THE GLOVES ARE OFF! Are you a contractor considering setting up a limited company or have a friend who is? Or do you work for a recruitment agency who recommend Limited Company services? Why not refer them to contact us to be entered into our prize draw to win 2 tickets to the Joshua vs […]

Lorry drivers stung over accounting firm ‘tax dodge’

This article is damning to all those agencies and workers using non-compliant providers.  Whether it be an umbrella company promising 90% take home pay or and MSC offering the same, it’s too good to be true and you are running a huge risk. Compliant providers will apportion the correct PAYE deductions, won’t provide ridiculous referral […]

Newly self-employed? Don’t miss the October 5 deadline!

If you became self-employed in the 2016-7 tax year (ie between 6 April 2016 and 5 April 2017), and you haven’t yet registered as such with HMRC, then you need to do so by this coming Thursday – October 5th  or face the risk of penalties. By law you are required to register so HMRC […]


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