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ePayMe are one of the UK's leading providers of compliant payroll and accountancy services to contractors, temporary agencies and small businesses. Our bespoke systems utilise the latest software and linked directly to HM Revenue & Customs using RTI (Real Time Information) system, ensuring that pay calculations are always based on the correct tax code. Our reputation has been built with over 30 years of experience in payroll and accounting, by putting our customers first: our customer service is second to none and our contractors know they can rely on us to process their earnings on time, every time.

eCo Umbrella

eCo Umbrella is our traditional umbrella product. The agency uplift the equivalent PAYE comparable pay to accommodate the employment costs. eCo Umbrella can accommodate a single hour of work in a pay period without the fixed charges that can commonly impact a worker's pay. Providing the flexibility of an outsourced payroll provider with the same benefits and simplicity as a traditional PAYE regime. It's our most popular product for agencies and contract workers.

Hybrid Umbrella

Hybrid Umbrella combines the benefits of a traditional umbrella and guaranteeing a PAYE Net Pay. The agency will pay the equivalent PAYE rate, we calculate the net pay under PAYE and apply (where necessary) an 'agency uplift' to ensure an exact net pay is received. The agency uplift is invoiced in addition to the pay rate and savings reports can be provided. The agencies' product of choice for retaining margin and contractors, whilst outsourcing all of their in-house PAYE.

Bespoke Services

If you are looking for something a little more bespoke, such as international payments, bureau, or other industry schemes. Please get in touch to find out how we can partner with you to enable all of your contractor requirements to be administered under one provider. Imagine, one paylog with a multitude of options, giving you and your contractors the flexibility and freedom required in these modern times. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you.


Beware of potential dangers to businesses of mini umbrella company fraud

Mini umbrella company (MUC) fraud reduces tax payments to HMRC including PAYE, National Insurance and VAT. This has resulted in a fraudulent supply chain leading to financial and reputational damage to businesses and workers. What is Mini Umbrella Company Fraud? The fraud is usually based around the abuse of two Government incentives which are aimed […]

Medical Workers – Ltd to Umbrella pre IR35

The medical industry is one that will undoubtedly be affected by the changes IR35 will bring, yes, it is finally coming around again.  Although there have been hopes that it will be delayed further, end clients are being told to prepare.  HMRC have also stated that PSC’s won’t be subject to IR35 compliance checks, putting […]

Tax avoidance, what’s the latest?

Back in April, we posted a blog surrounding NHS workers being targeted by tax avoidance promoters and it does not stop there. News surrounding tax avoidance schemes are still circulating outside of the NHS services. HMRC have shared information surrounding the schemes and what to look out for. Information can be found here Most umbrella […]




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